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What is Pumble?

Pumble is a free team chat app that allows teams of all sizes to collaborate. Unlike other team chat apps, Pumble is available for an unlimited number of users for free. Pumble is an online web app that works in a browser, but you can all install it on your computer or mobile phone for convenience.

A variety of teams can use Pumble to collaborate. From small businesses, software development houses and marketing agencies to education institutes, healthcare companies, and Fortune 500 businesses.

Our story

Pumble was launched in 2020 by COING who have been developing software for others since 2009. After building Clockify, a successful time tracking app, we decided to turn our attention to the team collaboration space. We felt that large companies such as Slack and Microsoft Teams were overcharging for their services. They offer a free plan but quickly trap customers into expensive paid plans after a small amount of active users and usage.

So, we decided to create our own team chat app and offer it to anyone for absolutely free. Why? We know that each dollar counts when you are a startup and we believe every team should be able to collaborate without having to pay a fortune. Pumble offers all of the following features for free, forever!

We are a profitable independent company without plans to sell or get acquired. We will be here for our customers and our teammates for years to come.

Unlimited users

Unlimited chat history

Unlimited group video calls

Unlimited duration video calls

User and workspace administration tools

24/7 web support

How we keep Pumble free

The #1 question we receive all the time is: "How do you make money if the service is free? What's the catch?"

  • Short answer: we have a self hosted edition with more features aimed towards big entreprises, and thanks to the free cloud plan, we don't have to spend a single cent on marketing.

When something good is offered for free, like Pumble, it usually comes with a hidden price - most usually it's privacy, something the tech industry is notorious for. That's not the case with Pumble.

We never sell or share any data with anyone. Why? Because we don't have to. We don't have investors or shareholders hungry for profit, so we don't face pressure to make a quick buck by any means necessary. And, because of good word of mouth, all our growth is organic. Our company is completely independent and free to do the right thing.

How can we afford this? First, we make Pumble accessible to everyone, and then we provide even more value to those on a paid subscription:

The basic version is free, so anyone can easily get started. This lets us make team collaboration accessible to everyone.

Some teams decide to upgrade to a paid plan so they can access extra features they need.

This structure lets us democratize team collaboration for everyone, without ever needing to make a profit at the cost of someone's privacy. We hope you enjoy using Pumble as much as we enjoy developing it. If you have any questions or feedback, send us an email - we always love to hear from our users!

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