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Using Pumble

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Make Calls

Tamara Radijevac

With Pumble, you can make audio calls and connect with anyone in your workspace. To learn how to make audio and video calls in Pumble, check out the instructions below.

This feature is available with all subscription plans.

Start a call #

  • Navigate to your DMs
  • Choose a member
  • Click on their profile
  • Click CALL


  • Click the information button at the top right corner
  • Click the Call button next to the member’s avatar


  • Click the Call button in the Details section

The call will start immediately.

You can also start the call in the group chat or channel you’re a member of, by clicking on the members avatar and click CALL.

Manage a call #

Once you initiate the call, you can manage it in various ways:

  • Turn microphone and camera on
  • Share screen

Start a call #

  • Choose a teammate and open a DM, either from the home screen, or DMs tab
  • Tap the phone handset icon at the top right corner


  • Tap on their profile photo
  • Tap CALL

The call will start immediately.

Coming soon

Share screen option is available with Paid subscription plans.

At the moment, calls are available in 1:1 form in DMs. Group calls in group chat and channel will be available soon.