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Upgrade a Free Workspace to a PRO Plan


Looking to upgrade from the free version of Pumble to a PRO plan? That’s great news! You’ll be one step closer to accessing more Pumble features. We’ve explained everything you need to know to upgrade your workspace below.

Upgrading a workspace #

Any user, regardless of their role, can upgrade a free workspace to a paid plan.

Pay via credit card #

At the time you subscribe to a PRO plan, you’ll be billed for every ACTIVATED user at that moment. When you’re ready to upgrade, use the steps below:

  • Visit to review plans and pricing details
  • To select a plan, click Upgrade
  • Choose Billing and then click Upgrade
  • Select a payment schedule – monthly or annually
  • Add your company information
  • Select the Next step by card tab, then enter your credit card information
  • Click Finish payment to confirm

You can upgrade your monthly plan to annually at any point. When upgrading, we will calculate prorate and charge accordingly.

NOTE: We do not provide the option to downgrade from annually to the monthly payment at the moment.

Billing for members of the workspace #

  • When you purchase a PRO plan, the upgrade will apply to your entire workspace and you’ll be billed for active members.
  • Any changes to the number of active, paid members in your workspace will be reflected in your billing statement.
  • If all members become inactive, you’ll be billed for a minimum of one member, unless you decide to downgrade to the free version of Pumble.

Adding new members during your billing period #

If you’re on a paid plan and add new members partway through the billing period, we’ll only charge for the time used. We’ll keep track of this for you, and bill you accordingly. 

  • If you pay by credit card monthly, we will calculate the price and prorate charge you for any additional new members once a day.
  • If you pay by credit card annually, we will calculate the adjusted cost for the duration of the year and charge you for additional members that are joined, on that day.

Here are examples.

– Let’s say that workspace is subscribed to the PRO plan, and the subscription is renewed every 1st of the month. If two new users join on the 15th of the month, an additional invoice and prorated charge (half months cost) will be created tomorrow (or later on the same day) for those two users. By issuing pending charges for new users once a day, we won’t get issues with consecutive card charges.

– If the workspace has paid for 30 users and deactivates 5 users, they can reactivate/invite up to 5 users free of charge (in the same cycle). If they add 7 users (in the same cycle), we will charge for 2 of those as described above.

– If the workspace has paid for 30 users and deactivates 5 users without adding new ones, upon cycle renewal they will be charged for 25 ACTIVATED users. If they add any users after that, they will be charged accordingly.

Canceling PRO plan #

You can cancel the subscription. No credit is issued and the plan will be activated for the rest of the paid period. If new users join while in the “cancelation” period, we will charge for those. If you want to cancel a subscription immediately, you should contact us.

A canceled subscription can be reactivated while in the “cancelation period”. The card won’t be charged and the subscription will be renewed on the next cycle.