Collaborate together in Pumble

Increase productivity

Send messages

Communicate directly with your teammates, or send messages in channels.

Pumble Screen Sharing

Organize meetings

Start video conferencing with your team to solve problems, brainstorm in real-time and share screen for visuality.

Increase productivity

Share files and links

Share photos, videos, links, and files from anywhere, using your phone, or computer.

Send messages in channels, DMs or threads

Keep communication organized

  • Direct messages
    Instantly communicate with teammates.
  • Channels
    Follow topics important to you.
  • Threads
    Start mini conversations in channels.

Collaborate efficiently

  • Guests
    Collaborate with people outside of your company.
  • File sharing
    Send documents, images and link to others.
  • Notifications
    Stay informed about all new messages.
Productive Collaboration

Search through app

Make knowledge library

  • History
    Access all your messages and chat history.
  • Search
    Find information you need, when you need it.
  • File browser
    All documents and images, in one place.

Organize effective meetings

  • Voice calls
    Start a one-on-one call with any team member.
  • Video calls
    Meet face-to-face with any team member or guest.
  • Screen sharing
    Show your team presentations, and ideas.
Voice and Video Calls

Try more features

Pumble has numerous features that help you to easier collaborate with everyone in the team.

Mention teammates

A @mention is a way to get someone's attention in a channel conversation or a chat.

Send voice messages

Tap, talk, and send to give updates, share ideas, and be more expressive.

Search for messages, people or files

Searches cover your entire organization — all the teams and channels that you're part of.

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We're here 24 hours a day, every day of the week, including holidays.

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Communicate with your team no matter what device you use.

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