WhatsApp Business vs Pumble

Scheduled messages
Custom emojis
Channels and direct messages
Voice and video meetings
Voice and video messages
Send and share files
Mentions and reactions
Guest access

Collaborate together in Pumble

Send text, voice and video messages

Start conversations

Create and send a message to public or private channels, depending on who has to see it.

Share links and files

Send direct messages

Record voice messages

Learn about channels

Organize business meetings

Start voice and video meetings to share updates, or an idea with more clarity.

Join video conferencing

Record video messages

Start a voice meet

Start video conference
Video conferencing in Pumble
Increase productivity

Bring your partners

Work with external partners and customers in your Pumble channels and speed up projects.

Set workspace permissions

Invite collaborators

Manage user accounts

Invite guests

Frequently asked questions

Is Pumble really free?

Yes! You can have an unlimited number of users and access your entire chat history. If you need more, you can upgrade to the PRO plan.

Are there any additional taxes?

It depends on your company's country of origin. All the prices are displayed without taxes, and if we are legally required to collect VAT from your country, then that tax will be added on top of the final price, which you will see at checkout before making a payment.

What types of payment are supported?

You can use your credit card to pay for the PRO plan. If you sign up for an Annual subscription and plan to spend at least 2,000 USD, we can invoice you annually.

How does billing work when I add a new user?

Each active and invited user on a paid plan requires a paid seat. If you deactivate some user, you free up their paid seat so you can invite a new user. If you buy another seat mid-cycle, you'll be charged a prorated price for that billing cycle.

Do you offer any discounts?

If you pay annually, you get 2 months for free. Our FREE plan doesn't have any limitations and is perfectly suited for startups and non-profit organizations.

How does canceling work?

You can cancel subscription at any time. Once you cancel, you can use the paid features until the end of you billing cycle, after which you’ll be automatically downgraded to the FREE plan. We don't offer refunds.

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