Deactivate or Reactivate Your Pumble Account

Aleksandar Olic

If you’re ready to leave a workspace for good, you can easily have your account deactivated at any time.

What to anticipate #

  • If you’re a member of multiple workspaces, your workspace owner/admin will need to deactivate all those accounts separately.
  • Your messages and files won’t be deleted. If your workspace owners and workspace admins allow that, you could delete all messages and files you added before the admin/owner deactivates your account.
  • If you’re a workspace owner, you’ll first need to transfer the ownership first, and then the new owner will be able to deactivate your account.

No one can deactivate their own account. Only workspace owner and admin can deactivate or reactivate anyone’s account. Contact them to deactivate the account for you. If you are the only workspace owner, appoint someone else an owner and contact them to deactivate your account.

Check out this article for information on how to deactivate someone’s account.

Delete your profile information #

It is possible to delete all of your profile information (profile picture, occupation, phone number) within your profile settings.

Reactivate your Pumble account #

To reactivate your Pumble account, please reach out to your workspace owner or admin

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