Emails are a mess

On average, office workers receive at least 200 messages daily and spend about two-and-a-half hours reading and replying to emails. With all the long email chains, endless cc’s, forwards, and reply-to-all’s, it’s impossible to figure out who said what and when, and keep track of the conversation.


Pumble keeps all your communication organized

In Pumble, all discussions happen across channels, on topics that you define (eg. #general, #marketing, #myproject). People can join channels that interest them, stay updated on different topics, and participate in conversations that concern them - thus removing the need for emails in the first place.

47% Fewer emails
Instead of sending an email to multiple recipients, send messages to a channel
Get instant answers

Work often involves waiting for answers or approvals before you can move forward. You can address time-sensitive problems by mentioning a specific person in Pumble to get their attention.

Full transparency

Instead of keeping information in silos, move all your communication to public or private channels so everyone can stay in the loop and to ensure organizational knowledge is shared evenly.



It’s impossible to find things

As we receive more and more emails, it’s getting harder and harder to find a specific message or a piece of information. You have to waste so much time and slog through hundreds of irrelevant emails before you find what you need.


Pumble helps you find exactly what you need

Pumble lets you access all your messages so you can always refer to past conversations, links, files, etc. Search by term, filter by channel or person, and tab through matching message, people, and files to quickly find needed info.

63% Time saved
Quickly find any file or information your team shared or talked about
All files in one place

Digging through your inbox for a file is a huge time-sink. But in Pumble, you can access all the shared file in one place, and then filter them by term, channel where they were shared, or person who shared it.

Pin and save important info

When you share an important message, link, or a file, you can pin that message to channel so everyone can access them easily from a single place. If you want to save it for yourself, click the save button.



People take too long to respond to messages

People check email every 37 minutes, on average, so it takes them a long time to respond to messages. Trying to call, text, or email someone who’s unresponsive holds back progress, slows down decision making, and makes the organization less productive on the whole.


Pumble helps you to see a message quicker

With Pumble, everyone can follow conversations they’re interested in to get a notification when they’re specifically mentioned or someone sends them a direct message, and mute everything else so they can focus on work and check non-essential information on their own schedule. Also, you can generally leave a thread that you're no longer interested in, meaning you don't have to send a "please remove me from this thread" message into the void.

23% Faster collaboration
Set a notification schedule that works for you and collaborate with others more efficiently
Stay in the loop

Follow channels to keep up with relevant conversations, mention others to get their immediate attention, and mute channels you need occasionaly so you don’t receive notifications for them.

Get notifications under control

Need to focus on work for a few hours? Set a custom notification schedule (like Do Not Disturb mode) or snooze all for few hours, and catch up on everything when you’re done.



Communication is all over the place

Today, communication happens accross email, several different apps, virtual meets - and even timezones. This leads to people not knowing where to ask for something, where to find it, and a lot of duplicate work.


Pumble brings your team together

Pumble gives organizations a place where everyone can create channels around their needs and stay in sync with voice and video calls. When everything happens in one place, teams can stay transparent and productive no matter when or where they’re working from.

30% Increased productivity
People can collaborate via public or private channels, or message each other directly
Keep everything in one place

Communicate via channels so everyone has access to the most up-to-date information, allowing you to focus on problem-solving and decision-making rather than maintaining communications.

Get answers quickly

Reach teammates directly by mentioning them in channels or threads, send them a direct message or reach them via calls. They’ll receive a notification and you can hash out details via messages or organize a meeting.

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