Channel/action permissions

Channel members can limit who can post to the channel they’re in

Message formatting options

Add detail and intelligibility to your conversations

Custom sound notifications

Choose a sound that works for you

Custom themes

Change the color of your workspace

3rd party apps

Get more value from your existing apps with Pumble integrations

Migrate from Slack & Microsoft Teams

Easily migrate channels, messages and teams


Voice and video calls with unlimited duration

For when you need to talk things out with your teammates

Screen sharing

Easily share your ideas in meetings

Custom domain

Choose your own url


Link preview

When you share a link, you'll see a preview of the content below your message.

Guest access

Work with people that have limited access to your workspace

User groups

Group of members in a workspace who often need to be notified at once

Customizable sidebar

Sort your channels, and direct messages into custom sections within your sidebar

Share messages through workspace

Forward a message to another conversation

Re-share files inside workspace

Share a file that's been added in another channel or DM

Incoming webhooks

Simple way to connect apps to Pumble

Dark Mode

Easier on your eyes with a dark, high-contrast color theme

Fully searchable history

Find relevant messages, channels, files and people

Desktop apps

Now available on Mac, Windows and Linux

Keyboard shortcuts

Navigate Pumble with minimal effort

Frequently used reactions

Quickly access your most used reaction emojis

Convert public to private channels

Easily move conversations better suited for a closed audience