Search a library of animated GIFs and send them in Pumble


Build a survey or questionnaire inside of a Pumble channel

Jira integration

Connect your Jira projects to Pumble channels

Recurring messages

Schedule recurring messages so you can send reminders, set up daily stand-ups or keep project updates organised

Permission: Who can send direct messages

Move all conversation to channels by preventing direct messaging between workspace members


Streamline your communication by efficiently managing and prioritizing threads and notifications in one organized hub

Multilingual Support

Switch between multiple languages for an inclusive and localized communication experience in Pumble

Custom image backgrounds

To help limit distractions or make meetings more fun, add image to your background

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Custom color themes

Change the color of your Pumble workspace

Gmail integration

Send emails to Pumble

Zoom integration

Send invite and join Zoom meetings from Pumble

Import from CSV

Move your data from any platform using a CSV file


Google Calendar integration

Join Pumble meet from Google Calendar


Make your messages clean and organized by formatting words into clickable links

Send emails to Pumble

Send emails directly to Pumble


Simplify writing a message by accessing all drafts from a single, dedicated place

Choose notification sounds

Pick from a selection of pleasing tones for your messages and calls

Enhanced workspace search

More powerful search engine that gives search results across messages, files, channels and people

Pumble API

Build custom apps that integrate your internal tools

GitHub integration

Get notified about GitHub changes in Pumble

RSS integration

Receive news from RSS feed in Pumble channels

Zapier integration

Connect Pumble to more than 3000 apps

External access to meetings

Invite external collaborators to your Pumble calls with a single, shareable link

Meeting recordings

Record a Pumble meeting to access, manage and share recordings at a later time

Export data

Export members, public channels and messages from your workspace

In-call messages

Send messages during a video meeting to the other video meeting guests

Channel posting permissions

Adjust who's allowed to post to channels or use mentions that notify all channel members

Data retention

Adjust your retention settings to automatically delete messages and files after a set amount of time

Single sign-on (SSO)

Use SSO to login on the web and with the Pumble client

Meeting links

Invite others to the meeting by sharing a special link with them

Import from Slack

Easily migrate your team's members, channels, and messages

Group voice and video calls

When you need to talk things out with your teammates

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