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Pumble is a free team alternative to Slack and Microsoft Teams. Unlimited users and history - all for free.

Collaborate on Pumble - It's FREE
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Team chat features

Invite your whole team and collaborate together.

Team collaboration

  • Channels and threads
  • Direct messages and notifications
  • Video chat and conference calls
  • File sharing
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Knowledge and organization

  • Fully searchable history
  • Find files and information
  • Connect with others apps
Connect Pumble with others apps
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Communicate with your team no matter where you are

Mobile app
Desktop app
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How it compares to other team chat apps

Pumble vs Slack

Very similar to Slack, only with more free features (primarily, access to entire history and group calls).

Pumble vs Microsoft Teams

Easier to use than Microsoft Teams, quicker to set up, and more free features in the basic version.

Pumble vs Discord

Just as awesome, but unlike Discord, Pumble is oriented towards teams and businesses.

Free forever

Unlimited users / Unlimited history / Unlimited calls

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