Free Microsoft Teams alternative

Pumble is a powerful team chat app just like Microsoft Team, only it lets you have unlimited duration video calls plus user and workspace management for free.

Collaborate on Pumble - It's FREE
Pumble on a laptop and a smartphone

Compare Pumble vs Microsoft Teams

Pumble logo Teams logo
Unlimited duration video calls
User and workspace admin tools
24/7 web support
Free file storage 10GB 10GB
Apps (mobile & desktop)
Direct messages
Channels and threads
Connect with other apps
Share and find files
Unlimited duration video calls

Microsoft Teams free tier only allows video meetings up to 60 minutes. For longer meetings you must upgrade for $5 per user per month. In Pumble unlimited duration video calls are free, forever!

User and workspace admin tools

Microsoft Team free tier does not have any tools available for managing users or workspaces. In Pumble the user and workspace management tools are free, forever!

24/7 web support

If you use Microsoft Team’s free tier, forget about guaranteed up-time or 24/7 web support because they don’t have it. In Pumble 24/7 web support is available free, forever!