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Tamara Radijevac

Pumblebot is there to assist you, through a direct message (DM) or in a channel with your teammates. You can use it to add custom responses or access personal reminders and tasks.

All members and guests can use Pumblebot. Workspace Owners and Workspace Admins can choose to limit some features. Pumblebot is automatically created for every user who joins the workspace. The first event that triggers the message that arrives from the bot will automatically activate the bot in the sidebar.

Say hi to Pumblebot #

You can say hi to Pumblebot and check if Pumblebot is there. Send him hi, hello or ping and check the answer.

Event messages #

Pumblebot’s main function is to notify you of events that occur in your workspace and help you use Pumble more conveniently.

Here is a list of events that you get notified of by Pumblebot:

Channel archived #

Once the channel is archived all channel members are notified.

@user archived the channel #channel

Member removed from channel #

Member is notified if they are removed from channel.

You have been removed from channel by @user

Add/remove from user group #

When member is added or removed from user group.

You have been added to the @user_group user group by @user. From now on, you will be notified.

You have been removed from the @user_group user group by @user. You will no longer be notified when someone uses @user_group.

Guest user about to expire #

When guest user is about to expire, user that has invited guest user will be notified.

Heads up! As scheduled, @user’s guest account will be deactivated within [HOURS_REMAINING] hours. You can extend their stay on the Team Admin Page.

Also, guest user is notified.

Your @user_guest_account in this workspace is scheduled to deactivate in [HOURS_REMAINING] hours. Any of [WORKPACE_NAME] workspace admins can adjust this if needed.

Pumblebot won’t send event messages to the person who triggers it. For example, if a user archives a channel, that user will not receive a message from Pumblebot that “Channel #channelname has been archived”. The same is the case if user leaves the channel.

Pumblebot properties #

Pumblebot behaves as regular user in workspace with some differences and limitations:

  • Pumblebot cannot be deactivated or removed from workspace
  • Pumblebot cannot be updated
  • Pumblebot cannot be added to public or private channel
  • Pumblebot cannot be added to group direct channel
  • Pumblebot has an automatically created 1:1 direct conversation with you
  • Pumblebot cannot be added to user group

Pumblebot messages #

  • Messages from Pumblebot can be pinned, marked as unread, added to saved items, deleted and replied to
  • Messages can be shared only within the same conversation if there is a 1:1 channel in the title or to another location if it is a public channel

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