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Add or Remove People from Channels


Adding people to a channel #

Since channels are the place where all the discussions and team collaboration happens, as well as the file sharing, you will need to invite your team member to join your created channels.

To add people to a channel, please do the following:

  1. From your web app, access the channel you’d like to add new member to
  2. Tap the add people icon at the top right corner
  3. Add team member’s email or
  4. Select All Members option to add all WS members
  5. Tap Add once you’re done

You can also add people to channels by using mentions in messages. Only workspace member can be mentioned and subsequently invited.

To add people to a channel by using mentions:

  1. Go to the channel you’d like to add new member to
  2. Send a message with a mention

If the person you mentioned is not a member, you’ll get a tooltip with an Invite them link suggesting you to invite them. When you click Invite them, the person you invited will automatically be added to the channel with the channel notification in the sidebar and will be able to see channel history.

Removing people from a channel #

Any member of a channel can remove people from it, whether it’s a Public or a Private one.

To remove someone from a channel, follow the below steps:

  1. Access the channel from which you wish to remove someone
  2. Tap on the Information icon on the top right corner
  3. Expand the Members list
  4. Click on the name of the user that you wish to remove
  5. Tap on Remove from channel name
  6. Tap on Remove to confirm