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Guest Role Permissions

Guests are users with access to specific channel(s) only. They cannot be a part of User groups.

Guests in Pumble have specific permissions:

✓ – Available

 Multi-Channel Guests Single-Channel Guests
See members/apps in channels they can access
Create private channels –
Create public channels – –
Accept a public channel invite from admin  –
Accept a private channel invite from any member  –
Invite other members to a private channel  –
Rename, archive, or delete channels  –  –
Remove other members from channels  –  –
Set channel topics and purposes  –  –
Leave public channels  –  –
Leave private channels  –
Make @channel and @here announcements
Be added to or mention user groups  – –
Direct message members in the same channels*
Start a group DM with members in the same channels* –
See message and file history in channels they can access 
Post in the #general channel (if they have access)
Add or remove Incoming webhook
Use shortcuts ✓
Start Calls in channels they can access 
Join Calls started in the Workspace they are part of

Guest can only initiate a DM with a member who’s in the same channel(s). Member, however, can initiate a DM with any guest, even if they’re not in the same channel.

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