How do I migrate from Slack to Pumble?

To import data from Slack to Pumble you need to have a workspace created on Pumble.

First export the data from Slack. After you have successfully completed export from Slack, you can import public and private channels, messages from those channels, and users from Slack to Pumble. Make sure that you are the Owner of your workspace on Pumble, as only workspace Owners can import Slack’s information. To do the import:

  1. Navigate to Workspace settings
  2. Select General settings from the dropdown
  3. Open Import & Export section, Import tab
  4. Click Choose zip file
  5. Choose the zip file you previously downloaded
  6. Ensure that the file was not edited
  7. Confirm the file and click Start import

Depending on the amount of information in your import, it might take some time to complete. You’ll receive an email when your workspace is fully ready.