Why use threads?

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Answer without interupting

Starting a thread is a great way to connect response to an earlier post or to answer someone’s question without interrupting the current conversation.

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“It's simplicity & easiness which you feel using this app and its some features like creating channel, groups, All DMs, thread feature is something which I like the most, This app is something you can't ask for more.”

Akash S.

Keep channels clear

When you use threads for important discussions, the channel’s other announcements remain easy to find and read.

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“You can easily find browser, channel browser, people and user groups, all dm's and threads. You can also chat/dm everyone who's in the group only. It is an exclusive chats. No adds.”

Anne Marie U.

Pumble Channels
Pumble Channels

Give transparency

Threads let you and your team communicate together and enable you to catch up or follow a specific topic your teammates are discussing. When you share a message or a message containing a file, any threaded replies will be shared along with the item.

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“You can create channels and even separate them into threads, making it easy for a team to keep things organized. There is probably a lot more that I could say good about this app - the best thing to do is simply try the generous Free Version and upgrade to Pro later. It is definitely worth it.”

Andreas H.

When to use threads in Pumble

When channels and direct messages become full of distractions, thread messages in Pumble come to rescue.

The channel is too busy

When the channel like #announcements is too busy, and full of information, the best way to clear that is to use threads for every important announcement.

Pumble Channels

You want to follow-up on a message

Threads can help you to rely less on direct messages to ask and answer follow-up questions. Ask questions in threads in public channels, so the details remain transparent and easy to find.

Pumble Channels

What are threads?

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More features


Mention your colleagues so they can get a notification and respond.

Message formatting

Highlight important messages and code snippets in your messages.

Pin messages

Pin messages so everyone from the team have access.


Quickly jump between conversations using just your keyboard.

Emoji reactions

React individually to each message with an emoji.

Set a status

Set your availability so teammates know when to contact you.

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