How to streamline guest access?

Invite partners

Invite partners to join you

Invite people outside your company like partners, contractors, interns, or clients to join your company’s workspace and give them limited access.

Create a channel just for guest requests

In Pumble, any new guest account must be enabled by an admin or owner. Create a dedicated request channel to prevent your users from searching Pumble for the correct person to ask for a guest account, as well as how to ask for one.

Guest requests channel
Limit guest access

Limit guest access with time expiration dates

Guest accounts are restricted not just to the channels you offer them access to, but also to the length of time they have access to your Pumble workspace. There are three possibilities:

After a given amount of time, deactivate a guest account automatically

Set a specific date and time for deactivation

Allow an account to have indefinite access

Types of guests

Give different permission to your guests, depending on which guest role they have in Pumble.

Single-channel guests

Single-channel guests can only be members of one private or public channel. It’s free, and you can have 5 single channel guests for every paid user.

Single channel guest

Multi-channel guests

Multi-channel guests can be added to an unlimited number of private or public channels, but only to the channels you specify. They’re charged as regular users.

Multi channel guest

How to collaborate with partners

Pumble guest access video
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More features


Mention your colleagues so they can get a notification and respond.

Save messages

Saved items are only visible to you and can be viewed in one place.

Pin messages

Pin messages so everyone from the team has access.

Customize sidebar

Organize channels and DMs, and make sidebar wider or narrower.

Emoji reactions

React individually to each message with an emoji.

Set a status

Set your availability so teammates know when to contact you.

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