Team chat app on mobile and desktop

What is a digital HQ?

Every employee wants to know that they are making a difference. They don't want to go through hundreds of apps to figure out which ones are relevant to their job and growth. The digital HQ is all about simplifying and curating suitable resources and making them easily available in one secure platform.

Pumble is a free team messaging app that provides teams with a digital-first approach to collaborating, solving time-sensitive issues, and contributing to projects – all without the need for meetings, allowing work to continue uninterrupted. Pumble is a web app, but it can also work on desktop and mobile phones. When your internet connection goes down, you can use the iOS and Android apps to continue the collaboration.

With Pumble, you’ll be allowed to:

Reduce the number of emails

Collaborative technology enables teams to communicate and respond more quickly by reducing the number of emails and meetings. By having open and secure communication with clients, vendors, or partners, they can resolve any concerns as they occur.

  • Use Pumble channels and threads

  • Send direct messages

  • Let people know when you’re available

Communicate with your team easily in channels

Collaborate externally

While long email chains lose essential data and make it difficult to reach someone outside of your community quickly, Pumble breaks down communication barriers for much more fluid, open communication.

  • Invite guests to join you

  • Be on the same page with collaborators

  • Come to the final decision together

Work in Pumble with guests you add

Have a face-to-face chat

While Pumble’s channels are text-based, sometimes you need to have a call to discuss things. Pumble allows you to have an audio or video call inside the app. Start the call with the click of a button - and you will share your ideas quickly.

  • Organize video meetings

  • Share your screen and your ideas

  • Get focused with do not disturb mode

Video chat in Pumble

How do Pumble digital headquarters work?

Pumble tour video
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Create a Pumble account

To start communication with your clients, the first thing you need to do is create an account.

Sign up here

Create Pumble account - log in


Install mobile and desktop version

Pumble is a web app, but it can also work offline. When your internet connection goes down, you can use the iOS and Android apps to continue collaboration and discussion with teammates.

Install Pumble desktop and mobile apps


Create channels

To ensure transparency within the whole team, in a team collaboration app create channels related to projects or divide them per team. Channels can be public, so everyone can access them, or private where only channel members can see their content.

Create channels in the Pumble app


Set up your profile

Set up your profile to give an example to others on how to set their profiles on Pumble. Insert your name and picture, position, and email address so others know how to contact you when you’re not available.

Set up your profile


Invite your team

​​Next, form teams. In Pumble, you can invite an unlimited number of people for FREE. Also, give admin roles to other managers so they can help you manage other team members.

Invite your team to Pumble


Start chatting with your team

In the workplace chat app Pumble, each team member can join all public channels created in the workspace. Also, they can send private messages to each other, or create groups for up to 7 members.

Start chatting with your teammates


Share files with all team members

To help you work with your team in Pumble, you can add files to your workspace. Files are searchable and shareable across Pumble, making it easier for everyone to find the information they need and work together.

Share files with clients


Invite guests to join your team

For the Pumble PRO plan, you can add up to five single-channel guests for every member of your existing team, free of charge. If you create channels for every project you have, use the single-channel guest feature to let in specialized outside individuals, like contractors, interns, and clients.

Invite external collaborators to join your workspace

See what users have to say

star review star review star review star review star review

“You can download the app”

”Easy to use, simple and clean layout. Using the software is not really complicated and it does not have a steep learning curve. I also like that you can download the app. Good alternative for Slack or Teams if you don't need all the bells and whistles, just a basic chat platform. Another thing that I will look into is to host Pumble on my own server.”

Vilhelm S.

Web Developer | Marketing and Advertising, 501-1000 employees
star review star review star review star review star review

“You can have multiple workspaces”

”My small nonprofit has been on the search for a team communication software that doesn't break the bank.
Luckily, we stumbled across Pumble, and it's perfect! It does everything Slack does, but for free! It's very similar to Slack in terms of functionality. The interface is great. You can have multiple workspaces as well.”

Fatima H.

Program Manager | Education Management, 51-200 employees
star review star review star review star review star review

“It doesn’t have limit on messages”

“Overall, I find it very easy to use. In fact, we migrated everything from Slack to Pumble now. I don’t worry about messages being deleted anymore.
It doesn't have a limit on message and files history compared to Slack. This is what matter's most to me as I really would love to review messages from time to time.”

Julie Anne B.

SRS | Government Administration, 51-200 employees