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Zapier Integration

Zapier integration allows you to connect Pumble with thousands of other applications, enabling you to automate repetitive tasks and streamline communication within your team. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of integrating Pumble with Zapier.

Create Zapier integration #

To connect Pumble with Zapier, it is necessary to create your first Zap. To do it follow these steps:

  1. Click on the arrow next to your Workspace name
  2. Select Workspace settings
  3. Choose General settings
  4. Open Configure apps tab in the Integrations section
  5. Click on Install button next to the Zapier app 

    By clicking on Install, you’ll be immediately redirected to Zapier website.

  6. Log in/Sign up on Zapier
  7. Click on +Create
  8. Select New Zap from the dropdown
  9. Click on Trigger and choose Pumble

  10. Choose the Event from the dropdown

    Choose a trigger event that will initiate the automation. Trigger events for Pumble can be new messages, reactions, new mentions, etc.

  11. Click Continue
  12. Click Sign in to Pumble to connect your account

    It is necessary that you use the same email address for signing in to Pumble and Zapier.

  13. Select Pumble workspace from the dropdown
  14. Choose the Trigger value(s) from the dropdown
  15. Click Continue
  16. Click Test Trigger

    If no value is found during the Trigger test, click on Skip Test to proceed or change applied settings and retest the step.

  17. Click Continue
  18. Select Pumble from the dropdown to create an action
  19. Choose an event from the dropdown
  20. Click Continue
  21. Fill in the Action details
  22. Click Continue
  23. Click on Test step
  24. Click Publish to complete the action

You can create an unlimited number of Zaps with different events and triggers. All you need to do after installing Zapier integration and creating your first Zap is to login to your Zapier account and add a new Zap as explained from step 6 onwards. It is important that you are logged in to your Pumble Workspace, so that you can connect it to a new Zap.

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