Jelena Kalaba - Communication researcher and author at Pumble

Jelena is an experienced researcher and web content marketeer at Pumble. She is responsible for breaking down communication strategies and presenting them in a simple and digestible manner in order to help teams collaborate more effectively.

With a BA and MA in English language and literature, Jelena’s biggest passion was always writing. Her career began in 2017 while she was still an undergraduate. She wrote dozens of articles and blog posts on a variety of topics, including productivity, organization, and management, until she joined our team in 2021 and made communication and collaboration her primary focus.

By nature, Jelena is inquisitive and thirsty for knowledge. She is especially interested in expanding and honing her understanding of SEO and digital marketing. In her spare time, she loves reading fantasy novels and manga, and one of her biggest personal goals is learning to draw well.

In an effort to maintain her mental health and happiness, she refrains from using social media outside working hours and wholeheartedly supports remote work.