It's possible to pin important messages to any conversation for an easy reference. Pinned items can be seen in the Details section and all members within the channel or direct message can access that information.

How the pinning works

  • Pin your messages to add them into the Pinned section within the conversation.
  • Pin any files by pinning the message in which the actual file was shared in.
  • Click on the Information icon inside the channel or direct message, and then simply expand the Pinned section to view them all.

Pin a message or an item

  1. Hover over the message you want to pin.
  2. Click on the three horizontal dots icon.
  3. Select Pin Message.

Tip: You can pin no more than 100 messages to a channel or direct message at a time.

Removing a pinned message or an item

  1. Click on the Information details icon from within a channel or a direct message.
  2. Click on Pinned.
  3. Simply click on the close icon next to the message you wish to unpin.
  4. At the end just click on Unpin to confirm the action.