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Using Pumble

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Use Emoji & Reactions


Using emoji reactions can be a super fast way to respond to messages in Pumble. They’re fun and helpful at the same time and are great for getting the work done — one simple reaction often replaces the need for any additional follow-up messages.

What to anticipate #

  • A user can add as many emoji reactions as they want and there are no limitations on how many will there be in a single message
  • All reactions that you create will be highlighted in blue
  • If you want to see who reacted to a message, simply hover over that reaction

Take a look at a short video, or read the instructions below to learn how to use emoji reactions.

Adding and removing a reaction #

To add a reaction:

  1. Hover your mouse over the message you wish to add a reaction to
  2. Click on a reaction icon and choose a reaction

Repeat the action to add multiple reactions.

  1. Tap on the message you wish to react on
  2. Choose a reaction by clicking on a reaction icon

You can add multiple reactions.

To remove a reaction:

If you decide to remove any reactions, simply tap on it within the message. Please keep in mind that it’s not possible to remove reactions from other team members.