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Guide to Billing at Pumble


This guideline was created to assist you in understanding all aspects of billing at Pumble. We’ve got you covered on everything from making a payment to updating your plan.

Basics #

Pumble only charges you for what you use. Begin with the fundamentals and learn everything there is to know about our plans and features.

Plans and features #

If you’re looking to learn about Pumble’s plans and features, read on for more details about the FREE and PRO plans.

FREE and PRO #

For small and medium-sized businesses, the FREE and PRO plans provide one workspace. You can use the FREE version of Pumble with some limitations, or upgrade to a PRO plan to access more features.

Billing for Guest Users #

Single Channel User is available on PRO plan, but it’s free, meaning that you can have 5 single channel guests for every paid user.
If you have 10 members, you can invite up to 50 Single Channel Guests.

Example: Let’s say you have a FREE plan with 10 active users and subscribe to a PRO plan. You’ll be billed for those 10 users. If you’d like to use this free option and make 8 of them Guest Users, you need to deactivate those 8 users, subscribe to PRO plan and then invite them back as Single Channel Users.