10 Free Google Calendar Templates (2024 Guide)

Google calendar templates have kept many organizations’ operations on track for years.

Whether you’re running a business, small team, or you happen to be a solopreneur, chances are you need a system in place to help you stay on top of all your tasks.

To help you track and manage your work more efficiently, we suggest using Google Calendar templates for a simple and convenient way to stay organized and productive. 

In this article, we’ll list 10 free Google calendar templates you can use to fast-track your calendar creation process. 

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Calendar templates for Google Sheets and Google Docs

Calendar templates for Google Sheets and Google Docs are super convenient digital calendars that allow you to keep track of your: 

  • Tasks, 
  • Meetings, 
  • Events,
  • Calls, 
  • Personal errands, 
  • Projects, and 
  • Appointments

Google Sheets and Google Docs are the first choice for many people when creating calendars, mostly because they are versatile and simple.  

If you’re looking for a simple but powerful way to stay on top of your schedule, here are our 10 free Google calendar templates to help you get started. 

#1 Monthly calendar template 

We’ll start with a traditional monthly calendar format template. 

You can use this simple calendar template for any type of monthly schedule

It lets you visualize your activities and plans for the entire month and create notes for each date.  

Use this template verbatim or customize specific fields to adjust it to your monthly planning style and needs. 

Monthly calendar template
Monthly calendar template

Download the Monthly calendar template:

#2 Monthly project planning calendar template

Another way to organize your month is by monthly project planning.

This type of calendar template is perfect if you’re new to planning your schedule, as it offers a simple method for outlining your priority tasks for the week

You can assign colors to different tasks and categorize them by priority or status for a clean and accurate layout. Add these colors as backgrounds to (a range of) dates when your projects are taking place and even merge the cells to make your timeline visualization more compact.    

Having a clear overview of your responsibilities and timelines allows for a better assessment of your estimates and progress, as well as more control and overall better time management.

Monthly project planning calendar template
Monthly project planning calendar template

Download the Monthly project planning calendar template:

#3 Monthly editorial calendar template

Whether you’re managing a content team or need a better system to organize and plan your editorial efforts for your small business website, you’ll find our next Google calendar template useful. 

The template lets you lay out your weekly content plans with key sections such as: 

  • Content type, 
  • Topic, 
  • Author, 
  • Dates, and 
  • Details

Moreover, the layout is customizable, so you can edit it to fit your or your team’s specific objectives. 

Monthly editorial calendar template
Monthly editorial calendar template

Download the Monthly editorial calendar template

#4 Weekly calendar template

A blank weekly calendar template lets you get a more comprehensive look into your weekly schedule, hour by hour. 

This template lets you organize and track your work or personal tasks for an entire week

Use different colors to have a clearer overview of different types of activities and personalize your calendar.  

You can add every critical task and activity with time estimates from Monday to Sunday. 

Also, this template comes with custom fields with boxes to check once you complete each task from your list. 

Use it verbatim, or create your own activity schedule and break time by:

  • Rearranging fields and colors, 
  • Adding new rows or columns (by using the Insert option in Google Sheets and Docs), and
  • By using the Merge or Unmerge cells option if you want to join two or more cells for a bigger range or split the specific cells to get more custom fields.  

Once you decide on your ideal schedule plan design, don’t forget to add checkbox fields from the Insert menu in Google Sheets and Docs. 

Weekly calendar template
Weekly calendar template

Download the Weekly calendar template:  

#5 Social media content calendar template

Our next Google calendar template is the perfect pick if you’re a social media team manager or a solopreneur looking to have more control over your social media content production and distribution.

Within this template, you can: 

  • Optimize categories such as Content format, Channel, and Theme
  • Assign different colors for better usability and readability, and 
  • Add additional sections you and your team deem relevant. 

Here’s our take on the social media content calendar template. 

Use it for inspiration and customize it to make it your own resource for social media content planning and ensure you stay consistent with your presence across different channels. 

Social media content calendar template
Social media content calendar template

Download the Social media content calendar template

#6 To-do list calendar template

If you need to organize your to-do lists in a more visually appealing and compact calendar format, our next Google calendar template solution might be just what you need.

Have all your tasks neatly organized and categorized by priority or type. 

Use different colors for different types of tasks to create a clear schedule that’s easy to track and tick the boxes next to a task once you complete it. 

To-do list calendar template
To-do list calendar template

Download the To-do list calendar template

#7 Personal plan calendar template

Need some inspiration on how to lay out your personal goals and plans in a strategic, scannable, and appealing way? 

Our next Google calendar template can help put you in the right, well-structured, and purpose-driven routine. 

Let’s say you want to stay consistent with your personal development routine. A clear, easily accessible personal training calendar template can help you visualize all the steps and track your progress to help propel you forward. 

Here’s our take on how this calendar template can look like. Be sure to edit it to include your particular program and objectives.      

Personal plan calendar template
Personal plan calendar template

Download the Personal plan calendar template:  

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#8 Team calendar template

The team calendar template is perfect for team leaders, business owners, or solopreneurs who want more control over how their business activities are organized. 

Use our team calendar template to organize and lay out your: 

  • Team meetings
  • Professional development schedule
  • Skills workshops, and 
  • Ongoing tasks

You can leverage and personalize custom fields such as Activity type, Department, Priority, and (project or task) Status to get a more structured and visually appealing overview.      

Team calendar template
Team calendar template

Download the Team calendar template

#9 90-Day plan calendar template

A 90-day plan calendar template is perfect for you if you’re:

  • Working on a personal 3-month goal
  • Starting an assessment period at a new job, or 
  • Responsible for measuring your subordinates’ objectives over a 3-month assessment period

Essentially, you can use a 90-day plan calendar template whenever you need to plan objectives, lay out actionable steps, and track measurable goals over a designated period. 

Use custom fields such as Progress status to have a clear overview of where you are on your timeline, or modify different fields or add new ones to cover additional specific plans.  

90-Day plan calendar template
90-Day plan calendar template

Download the 90-Day plan calendar template

#10 Campaign calendar template 

In addition to being exciting and engaging, campaigns also come with thousands of moving parts and bits and bobs that can often get all over the place.

Unless you provide a clear and easy-to-comprehend structure to keep it all together. 

Enter campaign calendar template — your ideal solution for: 

  • Creating and following a timeline for your campaigns
  • Tracking your campaign progress against set goals
  • Collaborating with relevant team members and third parties, and 
  • Outlining each campaign’s objectives and deadlines

Our Campaign calendar template comes with custom fields for key campaign categories such as Task type, Market, Goals, and Campaign phase

Use these sections or add your own additional ones to visualize your next campaign’s main points. 

Campaign calendar template
Campaign calendar template

Download the Campaign calendar template

Why create a Google calendar template

If you decide to get started on a Google calendar template journey using our pre-made Google Sheets and Google Docs templates, you’ll soon understand the main benefits of using these types of templates as calendars. 

Some of the key upsides to using Google calendar templates include: 

  • Versatility — You can easily adapt these templates to many different types of plans. 
  • Easy collaboration capabilities — You can share your templates with a team and invite everyone to contribute, thus allowing more transparency and better team organization and productivity.  
  • Accessibility — It lets you stay on track and make updates easily by allowing access to your calendar on the go, from any device, from virtually anywhere (with an internet connection).
  • Ease of use — Google Sheets and Google Docs are famously intuitive and super easy to use and customize to your liking. 

Although this guide outlines some of the key Google calendar uses, you can essentially customize them to serve any type of planning including: 

  • Personal and professional tasks and errands, 
  • Meetings,   
  • Events, 
  • Projects, 
  • Appointments, and
  • Campaigns. 

Meet from your Google Calendar with Pumble

Once your Google calendar templates are all set, you can add another convenient option to your monthly or weekly plans — create, manage, and share Pumble meeting details right from the Google Calendar. 

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Another useful feature Pumble offers is the ability to connect your Google Calendar to Pumble and easily schedule meetings and events

The Pumble meeting links will automatically appear in your Google Calendar, letting you always stay on top of all key meets and events. 

Scheduling a Pumble meeting in Google Calendar
Scheduling a Pumble meeting in Google Calendar

Moreover, if you don’t want to use Google Calendar in your templates, you can simply paste your Pumble meeting links in the predefined custom fields in your template, and ensure you always know what’s next. 

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