Bojana Pejatovic - Communication author and researcher at Pumble

As a speech and language pathology graduate with a particular interest in professional communication and collaboration, Bojana is a bona fide communication enthusiast.

She spent the last 12 years researching and analyzing the finer points of communication and all the ways we can utilize language to convey thoughts, exchange ideas, and collaborate with one another — first as a speech and language pathologist and later on as a writer and researcher.

The road of pursuing the passion for writing was one that Bojana intentionally took. Even though she’s a notorious talker who likes to chat the day away, writing has always been Bojana’s preferred way of expressing herself, which is why she turned it into a profession.

For the past five years, Bojana has been working in the field of content creation, honing her professional writing skills in various content and marketing agencies. In 2022, she finally found the perfect place where she can share her knowledge and expertise — the Pumble writing team.

Always eager to learn something new (so she could write about it), Bojana spends her days researching the fundamentals of communication and collaboration as well as how one can best apply them in the digital world. As a remote worker, she’s acutely aware of how vital effective communication and collaboration are in the corporate world, which is why she’s always looking for the best tips and tricks that will improve the remote work environment.