Jelena Simonovic - Communication researcher and author at Pumble

Intensely interested in finding out how things work, Jelena has been a natural and committed researcher from an early age. Following the impulses of this innate gift of curiosity, she has over the years perfected the ability to quickly find accurate information in any field.

However, one particular area of interest has always stood out to her as particularly fascinating — the realm of human communication. First manifested in avid reading and foreign language-learning, Jelena’s fascination with communication deepened even further once she started her studies in Cultural Anthropology. There, she learned about the incredible complexity, as well as the diversity of ways people communicate across the globe.

At the same time, through university tasks that included putting together ethnographies and observational studies, Jelena was introduced to the world of writing. This activity allowed her to combine her research skills with her creative drive.

At Pumble, Jelena got the chance to further develop both of her most persistent interests — writing and communication. This way, work for her became an opportunity to learn something new on a daily basis, as well as an amazing creative outlet.

She also writes for Plaky, an up-and-coming project management tool.

When she’s not working, you will probably not be able to find Jelena at all — she’s off grid, on a nature adventure with her daughter, or way too absorbed in her web development hobby to notice any incoming calls.