Natasa Milojevic - Communication author and researcher at Pumble

Natasa has been interested in getting to the bottom of all the ins and outs of communication ever since she realized that misunderstandings lurk around every corner.
Precisely because of that (and a little bit because of her love for American SF literature), 19-year-old Natasa decided to study English and gain hands-on experience on how words actually work.

Fast forward to today, she is a PhD candidate who spends most of her waking hours employing her Google Scholar research skills to get hold of the most recent scientific papers on human communication and collaboration.

When she’s not bookmarking research articles, Natasa is mostly seen testing out different communication strategies, looking into the fastest tools for transmitting information in a remote setting, and dissecting her blog posts to bring out the simplest, yet most effective advice for her readers.

As a former teacher turned writer, Natasa finds joy in sharing everything she knows about effective communication and helping everyone out there working remotely become experts in collaboration — even with their teammates miles away.

To feed her inner introvert, she likes to read papers on nonverbal communication, walk her dog far from the city noise, and stare at her cacti hoping to stop them from withering.

In between reviving her plants, Natasa mostly talks about remote work, team collaboration, and effective information sharing.