Available roles in Pumble

Available roles in Pumble are: 

  • Owner, who is the creator of the workspace.
  • Administrator, who can send & revoke invitations
  • User, regular user on the workspace.

Permissions in Pumble

Owners are creators of the workspace and will have that role visible in the Administration page. Owners can assign roles in Pumble and invite and revoke invitations for new users. Only the Owner role can transfer the ownership to another user by opening the Workspace settings, clicking on the three dots next to the users name and choosing Edit Account type. From there the Owner can pick to assign the Owner role to another user.

Administrator roles can invite new users to Pumble and revoke invitations. They can also change the account type (role) inside Pumble and create new channels.

Users with regular user roles don't have access to workspace settings, they can create new channels and change their profile settings.

Breakdown of permissions for key features in Pumble:

Send messages and upload files
Join any public channel
Delete your own messages
Create a channel
Create a private channel
Convert a channel to private
Manage channels
Archive a channel
Delete a channel
Use @channel and @here
Install apps

Administration settings:

Remove people from channels
Remove people from private channels
Invite users to public channels
Invite multiple users to private channels
Send invites to new members
Deactivate a member's account
Transfer primary ownership
Delete workspace