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Importing Data from Slack to Pumble

Tamara Radijevac

If you’re looking to try Pumble as an alternative to Slack but don’t want to start from scratch, importing your Slack messages and data can make the transition much smoother. With Pumble, you can easily import public channels, messages, and users from Slack.

Only Workspace Owners can perform the import action on Pumble.

Prepare for import #

To get started, you will need to create a new workspace on Pumble, or log in to an existing workspace if you already have one.

Export from Slack #

Once you have your Pumble workspace set up, you can proceed to export your Slack data. We’ll guide you through the steps to download the data export file.

To export data from Slack, make sure that you are the Owner or Admin of your Slack workspace.

To export data from Slack:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Workspace settings > Settings & Permissions on the Slack web or desktop app, and open the Email Display menu
  2. Check the Display email addresses box
  3. From there, go to the Import/Export Data tab
  4. Choose the Export date range in a dropdown menu (from the last 24 hours to the entire workspace history) and hit Start Export

Depending on the amount of data in your export, it might take some time to complete. You’ll receive an email when it’s ready.

Please note that Slack teams that are on Free or Standard plans can export only Public channels message history. If you want to export your Private channels and Direct messages, please contact Slack. Additionally, your avatars and integrations on the Slack workspace will not be exported.

Download the export file #

Once your Slack data export is ready, download the file. Please do not edit the file before importing it to Pumble, as it will fail the import process.

Import to Pumble #

Now that you have your data export file, importing it to Pumble is a breeze. Make sure that you are the Owner of your workspace on Pumble, as only workspace Owners can import Slack’s data.

To import your data:

  1. Navigate to Workspace settings > Import
  3. Choose the zip file you previously downloaded
  4. Ensure that the file was not edited
  5. Confirm the file and click START IMPORT

Depending on the amount of data in your import, it might take some time to complete. You’ll receive an email when your workspace is fully ready.

Notes for Pumble import #

During the import process, your files will not be imported, only links to them.

If a member already exists, their Slack messages will be merged to their existing Pumble account.

If a member does not already exist, they will receive a new account invitation, that they need to activate. To activate their account and enter your workspace, they need to either:

  1. Register or log in with their email, and accept pending invitation to your workspace
  2. Join the workspace using invitation link

Owner or Admin can also navigate to Workspace settings > Manage members, and manually resend invitation email to a member by clicking ‘Resend invitation’. Once the user receive the invitation email, they can join by clicking the Join button in the invitation email.

If you’ve already imported the same ZIP file from Slack, the messages will be duplicated. However, members and channels won’t be duplicated.

The maximum number of messages that can be imported from Slack is 50,000.