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Notification Guide

Aleksandar Olic

How notifications work

When you are using Pumble on your PC, you will receive all notifications there. However, if you are away from your desktop, you will receive all notifications via the mobile app. By default, these are the following types of notifications:

  • Whenever you receive a Direct Message (DM)
  • If someone mentions you in a channel (@user_name)
  • Every time someone notifies a channel you are in (@channel, @here)
  • If someone replies to a thread you are following

This will apply to both desktop and mobile versions of Pumble depending on the way you configure that in the notification preferences and set up different settings for your mobile devices.

Once new workspace is added, the notifications in the Preferences are set to All new messages by default.

Take a look at a short video to learn how to use and set up notification preferences. For more details on how to configure notification preferences, read the instruction below.

Desktop notifications

If you have any unread messages, you’ll receive a banner, sidebar and badge notification in both browser and the desktop versions of Pumble.

You can modify desktop notifications according to these preferences:

  • Turn on only notifications for @mentions
  • Include mentions for @channel and @here
  • Mute these channels if you don’t want to get notifications for specific conversations

Banner notifications

When you receive a new message, you’ll get the banner notification where you can see details of that activity. In the notification, you’ll be able to see the message, who sent it and the channel in which it was posted.

Sidebar notifications

If you have unread messages in a channel, channel name will be bolded in your sidebar. Also, if you are mentioned in a channel, you will be able to see a numbered badge next to the channel name.

If you’d like to change these settings, you need to unmute the channel. After that, last settings configured prior to that action will be applied.

You can also set the notification preferences in the sidebar.

To do so:

  1. Do the right-click on the channel
  2. Choose Notification preferences

Now you can set the preferences in the Notifications screen.

You can set to receive the notifications for:

  • All new messages (default)
  • Mentions (you’ll get notifications whenever you’re mentioned; you can optionally check Also include @channel and @here to get these notifications as well)
  • Nothing
  • Use different settings for my mobile devices (check this box and then choose if you’d like to get push notification, or no notification on mobile)
  • Mute channel

Click Save to complete the action.

Badge notifications

When you have unread messages or if you are mentioned in a channel, you’ll receive a badge notification on the Pumble icon.

A red badge means that someone sent you a direct message or mentioned you in a channel.

If notifications are turned off, the channel will be highlighted and you’ll see the badge for @mentions.

If notifications are muted, then the channel will be grayed out, but the badge will appear when @mention is used. Numbered badges will appear next to the conversation if you were mentioned and at the top of the sidebar, threads will be bolded if someone replies to a message you’ve sent in a muted conversation.

Mobile notifications

If you’d like to receive notifications on your mobile device, download the Pumble app to your phone or tablet and sign in to your workspace.

  • You will receive notifications when you are inactive on your desktop
  • You will receive message notifications from another workspace, even if you’re currently inactive
  • On the mobile app, you can select what you want to be notified about and also set up different settings for your mobile devices
  • Conversations and channels with unread messages will appear bold and on top of the list on the Home tab of your mobile app