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Customize Which Conversations You See

Tamara Radijevac

With Pumble, you can customize the conversations that will be displayed in your sidebar by adjusting the display in the Preferences section.

To do that:

  1. Navigate to your profile at the top right corner
  2. Choose Preferences from the dropdown
  3. In the sidebar section, change the channel visibility to:
    • Unread conversations only (only unread conversations will be displayed in the sidebar)
    • Custom, depending on the section (customize settings for each section from the sidebar)

If you choose to Custom, depending on the section, to further customize the settings:

  1. Navigate to the sidebar
  2. Choose the section you’d like to customize
  3. Hover over the section and click the three dots
  4. Choose All or Unread only from the dropdown

As a result, you’ll be notified only of the unread direct messages in the conversation you’re currently in.

Custimizing sections is available only with PRO paid plan.