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Customize Sections in Sidebar


This feature is only available with PRO subscription plan.

We all enjoy customizing our workspaces in the office, therefore we wanted to give the opportunity to our Pumble users to customize their online workspaces as well.

With Pumble, you can customize your sidebar with these two options:

  • Move the order of channels or DMs (direct messages)
  • Create custom sections for channels

Channel order #

If you have a lot of channels, we suggest you to put the channels you are using most frequently at the top of the list of your channels.

To set this up, click on the name of the channel and simply drag it to the spot you want that channel to be placed.

Besides customizing channel order, you can also customize sections.

Custom sections #

Custom sections are used to easily navigate through channels or direct messages. They are created to group similar channels and DMs. These sections are visible only to the user that made the sections.

Take a look at a short video, or read the instructions below to learn how to customize sections.

To create a custom setting:

  1. Click on the 3 dots menu next to the Channels or Direct messages section in the sidebar
  2. Choose Create new section
  3. Enter name of the section

This could be useful if you want to create sections for multiple chats with users within one working group.

Example of sections

To further declutter your sidebar, you can opt for displaying only channels with the unread messages only.

  1. Click on the 3 dots menu next to the Channels
  2. Hover over Show option
  3. Choose Unread only

Moving channels/DMs to sections #

The easiest way of moving channels or DMs is to drag and drop any conversation to a section in your sidebar.

To move a channel/DM to an existing section:

  1. Do the right-click
  2. Hover over Move channel / Move conversation
  3. Choose the section from the dropdown

Channel / conversation moved to the section you chose.

Moving channel/DM to a non existing section:

  1. Do the right-click
  2. Hover over Move channel / Move conversation
  3. Choose Move to new section from the dropdown
  4. Enter section name in CREATE NEW SECTION pop-up

New section is created and the channel / conversation moved there.

You can follow the same steps when you want to remove a conversation from sections.

Renaming and deleting sections #

To rename / delete section, simply press a right click button on the section’s name and choose Rename / Delete.

In the new pop-up you can type a new name and then confirm it by clicking on a purple Rename / Delete button.

Ordering sections #

As with the channels and direct messages, you can also change the order of sections.

To achieve that, click on the section and drag it to the desired spot.

Use cases #

For direct messages you can, for example, create a section named Developers, where you can place your private chats with every user that is a developer. When you want to chat with some of the developers in private chat, this will help you easily find a specific person.

For channels you can, for example, create a section Planning teams where you can place all the channels that are used for planning activities for your projects. When you want to post something in one of those channels, you will be able to easily find the channel.