Andjela Vidojevic - Communication researcher and writer at Pumble | Content editor at COING

Andjela is currently Content Manager at Plaky, but she used to write blog posts and guides for Pumble. As a Pumble author and researcher, she mostly explored team communication and collaboration, as well as the ins and outs of remote and hybrid work.

Before becoming a writer at Pumble, Andjela already had years of experience working as a content writer and editor. She has written articles on a variety of topics, ranging from fun and leisure to finance and blockchain. No matter what she writes about, she delves deep into research and makes sure to leave no stone unturned.

Andjela holds a BA in the English language, literature, and culture from the University of Belgrade and has attended multiple writing workshops before she started her career in content marketing. Some of her literary writing is published in a White City Wordsmiths anthology. She was also one of the main literary editors in the Balkan Writers Project organization publishing work by amateur literary writers from around the Balkans.

Andjela is always on the lookout for the newest trends in communication, especially in the workplace, and follows the latest research in the field. She believes the rise of remote work has pushed us to take a more systematic approach to improving team collaboration and provided us with tools to become better at it.

In her spare time, Andjela loves to read and spend time with friends and family.