Andjela Vidojevic

Communication researcher and writer at Pumble | Content editor at COING

Andjela has written about anything and everything — from dog toys to adult toys, casinos to coworking spaces, humans to AIs — you name it. She likes to collect, as Ezra Pound would put it, “Ideas, old gossip, oddments of all things, strange spars of knowledge and dimmed wares of price.”

In essence, she’s a scavenger anthropologist, and as such, she’s deeply interested in how people communicate and coexist. Thus, she joined our team as a communication author and researcher, helping us build our extensive library of resources on the subject.

Due to her love for literature and especially poetry, she majored in English at the University of Belgrade and joined literary workshops. There, she developed an obsessive interest in finding the most effective ways to communicate — whether through conversation or verse. Through relentless peer editing, she also learned the most important lesson to both writing and communication — keep it simple and down-to-earth.

Apart from communication and collaboration, Andjela also writes about the ins and outs of remote work. As a homebody and a long-standing remote employee herself, she’s a fierce advocate of letting people work from wherever they want.

When she’s not researching communication for work, she’s exploring alternative, more subtle ways to communicate and connect, such as through music and dance.