Jana Pavlovic - Communication Author and Researcher at Pumble

Jana Pavlovic is a communication author and researcher. She enjoys educating herself and others on various team collaboration and technology topics. She found that working from home in a hybrid-type company is her perfect combination for work-life balance, and she’s eager to share her new-found knowledge with you.

She is currently studying Law at the University of Belgrade. Writing has been a passion and a hobby of hers since she learned how to write. Before joining the Pumble content writing team, she wrote for various niche websites. Her short stories and poems were published back in 2015, and that’s when her love for writing solidified. Since then, she perfected her writing style and decided to pursue a career in content producing. She found that she does her best work in technology and teamwork topics. Being an author and researcher has given her the freedom to dive into any topic and come up with solutions that will help anyone to manage their work and personal lives.

When she is not typing away or researching about the latest tips and tricks on how to do your best work remotely, Jana is educating herself on new business communication apps and features. Being a remote worker herself, she likes to dedicate a part of her day to catching up with colleagues. She believes that feeling as part of a team, while working remotely is essential for productivity and her well-being overall.

When she is not working, she indulges in spending quality time with friends and family, working out or reading a good book.