Luka Kovac - Communication researcher and author at Pumble

Luka Kovac is a writer and researcher at Pumble. As someone who studied English language and literature at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, he is well-acquainted with various communication methods.

Since he worked as an English teacher in one of the foreign languages school in Belgrade for three years, he gained a lot of insights into ways of interaction and human behavior.

That experience proved to be invaluable for the later stages of his career.

After writing the first blog post for a client in 2020, he decided to pursue a career in writing.

He wrote about a plethora of different topics, mostly related to professional communication, workplace collaboration, psychology, and literature.

The COVID–19 pandemic sparked his interest in the influence of remote work on collaboration and interaction between coworkers. Therefore, after joining Pumble, Luka focused his work on researching and writing about strategies for successful communication and teamwork.

Luka believes that his genuine interest in a variety of topics related to social studies, conscientious approach to work, and thorough research of different areas will enable him to develop his career in writing even further in the future.

In his free time, Luka enjoys reading and traveling.

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