Olga Milicevic - Communication researcher and author at Pumble

Majoring in ethnology and anthropology has left Olga uniquely prepared to explore the world of professional communication. In addition to explaining the internal reasoning of the people around your workplace, her work should also provide some insight into the greater social contexts surrounding your professional interactions.

Before joining Pumble as a communication researcher and author, Olga had already built up a diverse writing portfolio. In addition to making her curious about a wide range of topics, working as a content writer has also kept her research skills sharp. However, joining Pumble has allowed her to return to her academic roots and really explore the topic of professional communication in a more thorough and nuanced way.

Her previous experience with business communication was mainly gained through working remotely for almost 4 years. After all, when someone is unable to share an office with their team, only words matter. Understanding that has made Olga the go-to person for everyone and anyone needing a fresh set of eyes on their business correspondence.

In fact, in her role as an author at Pumble, she often relies on her communication skills to contact experts in the field. In addition to learning from the best, this allows her to offer her readers communication tips that are proven to be effective.

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