Visnja Vujnovic - Communication author and researcher at Pumble

Visnja is a communication author and researcher at Pumble. As someone who has a BA in Psychology, she has always been interested in human behavior in organizations and the workplace, as well as organizational communication.

After her graduation, she ventured into content creation and managed to pursue her multiple passions: psychology, research, and writing (that’s why she loves to include psychological research findings in her blog posts).

Visnja enjoys researching a variety of Industrial-Organizational psychology topics and discovering ways of blurring the line between virtual and in-person communication. Aside from that, she loves to write about the most effective ways for improving workplace communication, and the impact of communication on team collaboration.

She is especially curious about cross-cultural business communication and the correlation between team productivity and organizational communication.

As a student, she traveled across the world and met people from different cultures, which helped her develop cultural awareness in the workplace.

When she’s not writing, she’s probably researching topics related to communication and its impact on organizational behavior, employee satisfaction, and productivity.