3 Tips on How to Share Information Within Your Team

Is your team drowning in a sea of information?

It’s easy to get lost in the chaos and see productivity suffer as a result. 

But fear not!

We’ve got your back with 3 simple tips to improve your team’s information-sharing process and restore order. 


#1: Set clear rules for sharing information

Nothing can be accomplished without setting standards. 

Start by defining clear guidelines for sharing information within your team. This prevents misunderstandings and ensures consistency. 

For example, one effective guideline is to discuss progress and roadblocks during your weekly check-ins to stay aligned on projects. 

Tools like Pumble are great for getting these rules across and making sure everyone sticks to them. 

Utilize Pumble’s dedicated channels to organize your conversations and files by topics, projects, or departments. This helps you inform everyone about relevant information and improves project coordination.  

Plus, with Pumble’s mentions and reactions feature, your team members will always stay in the loop about important updates and messages.

Mentions and reactions in Pumble
Mentions and reactions in Pumble

And don’t forget about customizable notifications! They make sure everyone gets updates in a way that works for them, enhancing your teams’ overall efficiency. 

#2: Keep everything in one place

Ever get annoyed when things are scattered across different communication tools and you can’t find what you need?

Well, the next tip for better info sharing is simple: keep everything in one spot. Choose one communication tool, and make it your primary way of communication. That way, everyone on your team can find all the necessary information and resources without any hassle. 

When selecting your tool, opt for one that’s all-encompassing and includes messaging, audio, and video calls to cover all your communication needs effectively. This ensures smooth collaboration and minimizes the confusion of switching between multiple platforms. 

Pumble checks all those boxes, and even goes beyond. It allows you to quickly upload and share files, project documents, spreadsheets, or presentations, with just a few clicks — no more emailing attachments back and forth or wondering if you’re looking at the most recent version.

File sharing in Pumble
File sharing in Pumble

Pumble also provides a secure and organized repository for all your files. Say goodbye to scattered documents across different platforms or lost files on your desktop. With Pumble’s centralized storage, everything is neatly organized and easily accessible whenever you need it.

And when you’re looking for something, simply type in keywords or phrases, and let Pumble do the rest. Pumble’s knowledge-sharing capabilities instantly fetch relevant documents, messages, or files, saving you valuable time and effort.

#3: Encourage instant communication

Ensuring prompt information sharing is crucial for your team’s success. When info flows seamlessly, team collaboration becomes a breeze.

With Pumble’s direct messaging, your team can communicate in real time, eliminating delays and ensuring quick responses. It’s like having your team right beside you, ready to chat at a moment’s notice — no delays and no more waiting around for email replies.

Channels, threads, and DMs in Pumble
Channels, threads, and DMs in Pumble

Plus, Pumble’s reaction emojis add a touch of fun and expressiveness to your conversations. Whether it’s a thumbs-up or a celebratory emoji, it’s an easy way to share your thoughts and reactions with your team.

Also, discussing projects in Pumble’s threaded conversations ensures the conversation stays on track. With threads, you can keep things organized and focused, like having separate rooms for different discussions — reducing clutter and confusion.

Simplify your information sharing with Pumble

Integrating Pumble into your workflow makes information sharing effortless.

With easy-to-use features, you can: 

  • Set clear rules for communication, 
  • Keep everything in one place, and 
  • Chat instantly whenever you need to.

Pumble helps you organize conversations, securely store files, and find what you need fast, cutting through the chaos and making collaboration smoother.

Get rid of information overflow and watch your team collaborate more effectively.

Sign up for Pumble today and experience the difference!

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Ljupka  Gjosheva

Ljupka, a PR graduate with expertise in corporate communication, is a writer and researcher. Specializing in remote work productivity, she brings experience from journalism, copywriting, and content creation. Currently, at Pumble, she shares knowledge of her passions. Outside work, she enjoys travel, dance, and time with friends and family.

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