Martina Stojkovski - Communication researcher and author at Pumble

Before falling in love with writing, Martina taught English to folks of all ages, enjoying her work as an educator. But, when she wasn’t helping students reach their milestones, she scoured the web for the latest information about workplace communication. And before she knew it, she was writing her own posts!

Once she wrapped up her MA in English Literature, she had an inkling she wasn’t done learning. So, she eagerly dove into online workshops covering remote work, collaboration, and interpersonal skills. Soon enough, she was writing pieces for clients from various industries, including construction, travel, and software development.

After carving out a space for herself in the communication niche, she felt that her words brought the most value to her readers, enriching their lives in impactful ways.

Since she’s always been a remote worker, she knows the importance of a healthy work-life balance. When she’s in front of a computer screen, she spends her time solving challenging jigsaw puzzles and is always up for a hike in nature with her friends.