Use mentions in Pumble

Use mentions in Pumble

Mentions are a direct way to notify people of something that needs their attention in Pumble.

React to messages in Pumble

React to messages

Use reactions to enhance your messages or add emoji reactions to quickly respond to messages.

Use custom emojis in Pumble

Create and use custom emojis

Add a custom emoji to Pumble and make your workplace much more fun.

See all mentions and reactions in one place

View all messages where someone has mentioned you, or added emoji to your message.

Mentions and Reactions in Pumble

What are our latest releases?

Pumble meet in Google Calendar

Google Calendar Add-on

Create, manage, and share Pumble meet and calendar details right from the Google Calendar.

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Schedule a message in Pumble

Blur background and raise hand

Take a video call in a coffee shop, hide a cluttered dorm room, or just keep things professional. Raise hand to let the moderator and other participants know you want to speak next.

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Schedule a message in Pumble

Schedule a message

Compose and schedule a message to be sent in a Pumble channel you choose at a later date.

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Video messages in Pumble

Video messages

Send a message more quickly by recording a video instead of typing.

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Video conferencing in Pumble

Video conferencing

Start a video meeting with teammates and connect with anyone in your workspace.

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