How to Maintain Transparent Communication When Working Flexibly

Today, flexible work arrangements are more popular than ever. They allow you to customize schedules and environments to better suit your team’s needs, proving to be beneficial for both employees and employers

Common forms of flexible work include:

  • Remote work,
  • Flextime, 
  • Compressed workweeks, 
  • Job sharing, and
  • Part-time schedules. 

According to research, most employees agree that flexible work fosters a high level of trust through transparent communication.

This transparent communication is not just beneficial — it’s pivotal for driving your entire organization forward. 

So, let’s explore how you can maintain transparent communication when working flexibly.

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Regularly checking in and giving updates 

Staying connected and informed is crucial for flexible work — which is why regular check-ins and updates are a very common practice. They help keep everyone aligned and aware of what’s going on, which is key to maintaining transparency. 

In a remote work setting, scheduling regular voice and video calls brings everyone together for face-to-face communication, bridging the distance. This builds unity and openness, as team members share updates and address issues in real time. 

Video calls in Pumble
Video calls in Pumble

Additionally, sharing screens during these calls simplifies how you explain concepts and collaborate. If you have documents to share, like design mock-ups or budget summaries, this feature enables instant feedback and faster decision making, which keeps communication clear and open. 

Another way to keep everyone up to date is to schedule messages to be sent at specific times — this is particularly handy for sharing end-of-day reports or updates. It ensures everyone stays in the loop, no matter their time zone or working hours. 

Scheduling a message in Pumble
Scheduling a message in Pumble

Finally, user groups are a powerful tool for tailored messaging. For instance, if there’s a product launch on the horizon, you can create a user group for the marketing team to ensure they get all the necessary updates without overwhelming others with irrelevant information. This focused strategy keeps communication clear and ensures crucial updates reach the right audience, promoting transparency throughout your organization.

Building trust through accountability

When your team has the flexibility to work in ways that suit them best, they feel more comfortable and supported. This environment encourages open and honest communication, which is crucial for fostering trust and responsibility.

In flexible work settings, nurturing a culture where accountability is valued is essential. This ensures that everyone knows their responsibilities and can be relied upon to deliver results. 

To promote accountability, it’s important to clarify roles and permissions. Clearly defined roles help your team members understand who is accountable for each task or project, promoting transparency and trust within your team.

Moreover, knowledge sharing is another crucial aspect that makes it easy for team members to access important resources quickly. Whether it’s documents, guidelines, or past discussions, everyone can find what they need to stay informed and contribute effectively. This accessibility supports a culture of transparency and accountability by ensuring everyone has the tools to succeed.

Using tech for open communication

Regardless of the type of flexible work arrangement you adopt, digital communication tools play a crucial role in ensuring transparency. They serve as a centralized hub for all team interactions powered by an array of features that support openness. 

A key aspect of flexible work is the ability to communicate in real time. Business messaging apps with direct messaging capabilities allow for private conversations and quick questions, making communication swift and clear.

Imagine a scenario where a team member needs a quick clarification on a task. Instead of waiting for an email response, they can send a direct message and get an immediate answer. This not only saves time but also keeps the workflow smooth and uninterrupted.

Channels, threads, and direct messages in Pumble
Channels, threads, and direct messages in Pumble

All of those messages can be neatly organized in dedicated channels for different:

  • Projects, 
  • Teams, or 
  • Topics. 

Public channels boost transparency by letting everyone see and join discussions, building a culture of shared knowledge and accountability.

Using threads is another way to keep your conversations organized, making it easier to follow and participate in specific discussions. 

Threads in Pumble
Threads in Pumble

In addition, sharing files directly in conversations promotes transparency by ensuring your team members have access to essential resources.

File sharing in Pumble
File sharing in Pumble

And when there’s too much information, your team can tweak their notification preferences to stay informed without getting overwhelmed.

Pumble is the key to transparent business communication 

If your team is looking for a comprehensive app that has all of these features (and more), our business communication app, Pumble, might be what you need.

Pumble’s reliable features make collaboration easy and ensure everyone stays informed. 

By using Pumble, you’re not just embracing modern communication tools — you’re creating a workspace where openness and transparency thrive, driving your business forward. 

Ready to elevate your team’s communication?

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Ljupka  Gjosheva

Ljupka, a PR graduate with expertise in corporate communication, is a writer and researcher. Specializing in remote work productivity, she brings experience from journalism, copywriting, and content creation. Currently, at Pumble, she shares knowledge of her passions. Outside work, she enjoys travel, dance, and time with friends and family.

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