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Attach Files

Aleksandar Olic

While working with your team in Pumble, you may need to collaborate on files that you’ve created in other services from time to time. 

How files work #

  • You can add files to Pumble from your devices
  • Files added to Pumble may not exceed 125 MB in size
  • Anyone in a conversation where a file was added can open the file and choose from these options:
    • Share the file to another conversation
    • Download the file to their device

Adding files from your devices #

  1. Open a channel, thread, or direct message
  2. Click the paper clip icon next to the message field
  3. Choose a file you’d like to add
  4. If you’d like, you can add a message about your file(s)
  5. Send the message by pressing Enter or clicking on the paper plane icon

  1. Open a channel, thread or direct message
  2. Tap the image gallery icon to add photos
  3. Tap the document icon to add a file
  4. Tap the camera button to take a photo
  5. Add a message about your file(s) if you’d like
  6.  Tap the paper plane icon to send

iOS app allows you to attach up to 10 recorded files.

File previews #

In conversations, Pumble will include a preview of the file as part of your message. Previews are displayed for all PDF and image files.