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File Storage

Aleksandar Olic

Storage in Pumble takes into count all PDFs, documents, images, screenshots, and audio and video files uploaded to a channel or direct message.

The amount of space available for a workspace varies by plan:

PlanFile storage
Free plan10GB storage for the whole workspace
Pro plan10GB storage per user

Upload and share files without worries that you’ll run out of space. 10GB storage per user in your workspace is an extra feature available on our Pro paid plan.

If you have 10 users on the Pro plan, your combined workspace memory will be 100GB. That means that once the users reach their 10GB individual allowance, they will still be able to upload files if there is memory available from other users.

Storage indicator #

You can track available storage space by checking the storage indicator. It will be displayed once you’ve used up more than 1GB of space. If it reaches the limit, you’ll need to delete some of the previously uploaded files to upload new ones.