How to enable team collaboration

This section provides a variety of resources dedicated to different aspects of the team collaboration framework. These resources will help you understand the basic set-up of a collaborative team, different team roles and their functions, different approaches to collaboration, and a variety of common challenges that may present themselves along the way.  

Prerequisites for team collaboration

Successful collaboration on a team level requires a certain structure and framework. This article details the prerequisites for a healthy collaboration among highly productive teams. 

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What makes teams perform poorly?

Collaboration is a delicate and multi-faceted process that can easily take a wrong turn. This article dives into the “dark side” of collaboration and the underlying causes of teams underperforming. 

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Best practices for productive team collaboration

Team collaboration is a process that can benefit greatly from active fine-tuning and healthy moderation. Learn how highly productive teams go about working together and what practices they rely on to achieve the best results. 

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Obstacles to successful collaboration

From organizational roadblocks to faulty communication lines, this article analyzes different obstacles to collaborative work and provides pointers on how to overcome them. 

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Resolving conflicts in teams

Teams are made up of people, and people sometimes argue. This article details some of the more common conflicting situations in the workplace and lays out the path towards their healthy resolution. 

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The function of team roles in the collaborative process

A clear and functional distribution of team roles is one of the foundations of quality collaboration. Read on to learn about the key roles on teams and the purpose they serve in the collaborative process. 

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Different types of teams and how they collaborate

Depending on their role, organizational structure, and a number of other factors, there are many different types of teams, each with its own specific traits. This article focuses on the specific nature of different team types and how they shape and influence the collaborative models. 

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Team collaboration strategies

This article focuses on a variety of proven and effective strategies that address the collaboration process and some of its vital aspects. Learn about all the little and big things teams do to improve the collaborative process.

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Communication on collaborative teams

Whether operating remotely or on-premises, quality communication is an essential part of collaborative work. This article focuses both on the technological aspects of communication and the fundamental principles that guide it. 

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