Jelena Fisic - Communication researcher and author at Pumble

Jelena Fisic is a communication researcher and author, as well as a content editor, dedicated to helping her readers understand the mysteries of business communication.

After working as a translator, Jelena decided to take a break from other people’s words and start writing her own. Her love for research and the written word led her to content writing — a perfect calling for her. After finishing a few courses on business writing, she decided to give content writing a try.

As far as her formal education is concerned, she finished her BA in English Language and Literature and MA in English Literature. In her master’s thesis, she has shown us the connection between nihilism and postmodern literature. There, she managed to join her two loves — Literature and Philosophy.

Her fondness for Philosophy goes well with her curious nature, which makes her a great researcher. This comes in handy when she’s writing articles on communication, and different types of it — with various prefixes (mis-, over-, under-… ) or adjectives (cross-cultural, nonverbal, respectful, organizational, formal…). Aside from that, she loves to write about remote work, work-life boundaries, DEI, employee recognition, and healthy company cultures.

Her affection for linguistics makes her a meticulous writer with a sharp eye for detail. Spelling mistakes in her articles are as rare as hen’s teeth.

When she’s not reading and broadening her knowledge about communication, collaboration, or the meaning of life (yes, it’s 42), she can be found hiking with her boyfriend and enjoying nature.

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