Get onboarding right

Get onboarding right

Good preparation for the newcomer's arrival involves more than simply providing them with a contract to sign. Instead of overloading your newcomers with information, attempt to lighten their workload by setting the stage ahead of time.

When you get it properly, nice things happen:

  • New employees have a more positive attitude toward the company

  • They achieve full productivity more quickly

  • They are more engaged and remain more linked with the company's aims

  • They stay longer

Welcome your new employees via the #general channel

With employee onboarding software like Pumble, welcoming new employees to the company is such ease.

  • Send a welcome message to the whole team and mention newbies

  • Encourage others to make communication with new team members

  • Use emojis to express feelings and welcoming

Welcome your new employees via the #general channel
Create a channel only for new employees

Create a channel only for new employees

Make a special private channel with all new employees where you can:

  • Share all-important starter information with them

  • Let them ask questions

  • Share the company’s structure with them

Invite newbies to join project channels

As they should be in line with the project’s roadmap and tasks, they should join all relevant project channels. There they will find:

  • Pinned posts and files

  • Other team members

  • More important information about the project they are working on

Invite newbies to join project channels

What else you can do to make easier onboarding process?

Assign your new employee a virtual mentor

This person should be from the same department as the new employee, and their task is to give the new team member valuable advice, feedback, and assistance whenever necessary.

Provide for each newbie welcome treats

Virtual goodies, such as gift cards or online vouchers, would make them feel just as welcome as a traditional ‘welcome basket’. In case you still want to maintain the custom of gift wrapping, you can always choose to deliver a ‘welcome box’ to your new employee’s doorstep.

Pair them up with a work buddy

Pairing them up with a friendly face could be a great stepping stone to developing a trusting atmosphere. A work buddy system implies that new employees are paired with a coworker who is their first point of casual contact during the first couple of months.

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