From recruitment to full onboarding.

From recruitment to full onboarding

Standardize your onboarding process and include employees in public or private channels.

Lead a different thread for each job posting or individual job application in any recruitment channel.

Manage interviews on Pumble, with voice & video calls and screen sharing feature if needed.

Training and development in one place

Hold 1-on-1 training with voice & video calls. Use screen sharing* to share your presentation and increase information comprehension.

Free storage space allows you to keep training materials within your workspace - whether it is an audio, video, pdf, or any other file type.

Unlimited message history in Pumble allows you to go back to any important conversation and easily direct new employees toward the right information.

* Screen sharing is available in the PRO & SERVER plan.
Training and development in one place.
HR tool with workspace administration.

HR tool with workspace administration

Customize your workspace - change themes and customize your sidebar. Create a different workspace for each team, division, or project.

Give roles and permissions, and create user groups* for smaller teams and specific tasks.

Include new people (e.g. interns) as guest users* and grant them limited access to your workspace, for a limited time frame.

* User groups & Guest access are available in the PRO & SERVER plan.

Direct employees toward company policies

Create custom-based channels for your recruitment process, and optimize the recruitment pipeline with a user-friendly Pumble workspace.

Pin and save important announcements and shared company policies to minimize the exchange of repetitive information.

Preserve company culture and encourage your employees to set up a customized status to let everyone know when they are unavailable.

* Guest access is available in the PRO & SERVER plan.

Direct employees toward company policies.

Human resources solution

Checkmark primary Quick communication - both internal and external

Easily communicate with current and newly onboarded employees. Set up channels, invite your team, or grant a guest access to potential employees.

Checkmark primary Save and pin important messages

Save valuable information quickly accessible in your sidebar - whether it is feedback from an employee or an important report from a colleague.

Checkmark primary Real-time collaboration

Use voice or a video call to assure more personal communication, and share your screen for maximum comprehension.

Checkmark primary Search, sort and filter

​​Filter your search to quickly find a piece of information, or a thread in which your team discussed specific situations.

Checkmark primary Set up profiles & grant permissions

Add a job position and a contact for each person or a guest user that can be referenced by anyone included in the workspace.

Checkmark primary Synced across devices

Pumble is syned across devices. You can use it on the web, on mobile app or a desktop app.Sign up now.

What others say about Pumble

star review star review star review star review star review

“It's convinient and easy to use”

“It's convinient and easy to use. Our team enjoyed different features of this app. Pros: Channel Browser, because we can create different channel for different projects. We won't be confuse which project are we talking about cause we can assigned separate channels for it.”

Cristel C.

Programmer | Information Technology and Services
star review star review star review star review star review

“Cool messaging and collaboration in one app"

“Pumble is a good tool to communicate and be on track of all important messages and making to have almost instant feedback with the team compared to using an email system. Pumble makes it easy to manage your team and work more with less hustle on communication even for larger scale companies.”

Manuel S.

UI/UX Designer | Information Technology and Services
star review star review star review star review star review

“We can keep convos about clients on separate threads”

“Has been such an ease. Favorite features: Do not disturb mode, editing messages, tagging people, emoji reactions.
I love that we can keep convos about clients on separate threads to keep organized!”

Meaghan M.

Executive Assistant | Marketing and Advertising