What is Pumble?

Pumble is the best web-based team messaging app for businesses and teams. It's the only chat app that's free.

You can use Pumble from your computer's browser, or you can install it on your iOS mobile devices.

You can use the iOS mobile app to chat with your teammates, exchange messages and files, and then switch to the browser version (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) to see what your team worked on.

How to chat with Pumble’s iOS chat app

Create Pumble account - log in

Create Pumble account

To start communication with your team, the first thing you need to do is create an account.

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Pumble iOS chat app logo

Download the iOS team messaging app

Get the Pumble iOS app on the Apple store.

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iOS chat app channels

Create channels

Create public or private channels for your team with the iPhone messaging app. Public channels are accessible to anyone across the team, while in private channels, only channel members can see their content.

Set up profile on iOS chat app

Set up your profile

In your iPhone app, you can set up your profile. Insert your name and picture, position, and email address so others know how to contact you when you’re not available.

Set notifications on iOS chat app

Set notification preferences

If you want to use different settings for your mobile device in regard to your desktop or web app, you can set it up in the iOS chat app. You can also set to get or not notifications for replies to threads you’re following and set your notification schedule.

Start chatting on iOS chat app

Start chatting with your team

In the iOS chat app, each team member can join all public channels created in the workspace. Also, they can send private messages to each other, or create groups for up to 7 members.

Share files on iOS cha app

Share files with all team members

To help you work with your team in Pumble, you can add files to your workspace. Files are searchable and shareable across Pumble, making it easier for everyone to find the information they need and work together.

Invite guests on iOS chat app

Invite external collaborators

For the Pumble PRO plan, you can add up to five single-channel guests for every member of your existing team, free of charge. If you create channels for every project you have, use the single-channel guest feature to let in specialized outside individuals, like contractors, interns, and clients.

Voice and video calls on iOS chat app

Start voice or video call

You can also use the text messaging iPhone app to make video and voice calls with your team. Just click on the phone or camera and your call will start immediately.