Overcoming remote work gaps

Overcoming remote work gaps

Message someone directly or a whole group of people in group messages or channels. Join public or private channels for topic-focused conversations.

Customize notifications or set a Do Not Disturb mode for focused work, and set status to let your colleagues know whether they can contact you.

Get on a quick voice or a video call when you need to discuss something important with a teammate.

Managing remote teams in Pumble

Mention specific people or user groups to delegate tasks or ask for updates.

Use threads to keep up with all essential conversations and pin all important announcements.

Share files of any kind and keep them forever saved in your Pumble workspace. Whenever you need them - just start browsing.

Managing remote teams in Pumble
Making the most of a remote work environment

Making the most of a remote work environment

Make sure your written communication is expressed clearly with message formatting - create to-do lists, quote instructions, or share code blocks.

Manage members' roles and permissions, add a job position and contact to your profile to be referenced by anyone on the team.

Grant a limited access to guest users to keep them updated on the task status, or have them assist in managing tasks.

A safe & secure choice for remote work

Keep your communication and collaboration processes protected in Pumble - a safe and secure remote work software.

Pumble doesn’t access your location, search, and browsing history. None of the collected data is used for targeted ads or disclosing information to third parties.

Read more about Pumble’s data security and security policy.

A safe and secure choice for remote work

More features


Threads is where focused discussions and decisions take place.

Save messages

Saved items are only visible to you and can be viewed in one place.

Message formatting

Highlight important messages and code snippets in your messages.

Direct messages

Send DM to your teammates when you want to inform them about something.

Emoji reactions

React individually to each message with an emoji.

Set a status

Set your availability so teammates know when to contact you.

Related features

Video conferencing

Start video call with teammates and connect with anyone in your workspace.

Video conferencing
Voice calls

Voice calls

Make a voice call to connect with anyone from your team.

Voice messages

Record and send voice messages to share updates with your team.

Voice messages
Pumble Channels


Organize conversations into dedicated spaces for different teams.

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