In Pumble, you can work in channels and also use Direct Messaging (DM). You can send and receive messages, post reactions and start a thread to reply on a specific topic, send files, edit and delete your own messages, edit your profile and set your notification preferences.

When writing messages in a channel, all users that have access to that channel will receive the notification. A channel is a single place for team members to share messages and files. 

What actions can you perform and what do they do?

Direct messageSends a private message to the selected user
Message in ChannelAll users in channel see the message
Attaching a file to the messageThe user can view, share and download the file
@user mentionThe mentioned user receives a direct notification about the mention
@channel mentionAll users on the channel receive a direct notification
@here mentionAll available users on the channel receive the notification
Emoji reactionPost a reaction to the selected message
Star message (coming soon)The message will be highlighted and pinned to the channel
Share message (coming soon)Share the selected message to a different channel or direct message
Edit messageEdits the selected message
Delete messageDeletes the selected message