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Getting Started

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Available Actions

Aleksandar Olic

In Pumble, you can work in channels and also use Direct Messaging (DM). You can send and receive messages, post reactions and start a thread to reply on a specific topic, send files, edit and delete your own messages, edit your profile and set your notification preferences.

When writing messages in a channel, all users that have access to that channel will receive the notification. A channel is a single place for team members to share messages and files. 

What actions can you perform and what do they do?

Direct messageSends a private message to the selected user
Message in ChannelAll users in channel see the message
Attaching a file to the messageThe user can view, share and download the file
Search/download/share/save fileAll users with access to channel can perform these actions
@user mentionThe mentioned user receives a direct notification about the mention
@channel mentionAll users on the channel receive a direct notification
@here mentionAll available users on the channel receive the notification
Link channel nameUse #[channel_name] to link private/public channel
Emoji reactionPost a reaction to the selected message
Star message (coming soon)The message will be highlighted and pinned to the channel
Share messageShare the selected message to a different channel or direct message
Edit messageEdits the selected message
Delete messageDeletes the selected message 

Channels that have specific preferences which differ from the global settings are available in user’s Preferences in the Profile settings under Channel-specific notifications. These preferences can be edited there and the channel can be removed from the list which will restore its global settings.