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Pumble Workspace

A Pumble workspace is a place where all communication happens. It’s a place where your collaboration shines. Workspace is a virtual space made up of channels, where you can communicate with your team members in channels, direct messages or audio/video calls. When you first create Pumble account, you automatically get a workspace or join an existing workspace. A workspace contains all the channels, teams, individual users, and settings, and is a place where all communication happens.

A workspace is the highest level unit on Pumble. You can create or join multiple workspaces with one email address. These workspaces are separate entities, each with their own unique set of users, channels, and settings applied, and cannot be accessed by people who are not part of the workspace. 

By creating a workspace, you automatically become the owner of that workspace.

Pumble workspace layout #

Pumble workspace contains the left sidebar where you can see:

  • List of channels you joined and your direct messages
  • Notifications for specific conversations
  • Option to compose new messages
  • Option to start new meeting/create a meeting link
  • Files shared in the workspace
  • People and user groups
  • Option to add teammates

Double-click on the side-bar to restore it to its default size.

The central section consists of:

  • Space for texting messages, chatting and initiating calls
  • Option to see the number of channel members and add channel members
  • Search bar
  • History

The right sidebar contains:

  • Threads 
  • Details about you and your colleagues
  • Channel details

Create or join Pumble workspace #

The first thing you should do to create your first Pumble workspace is go to the Registration page, or accept an invitation sent by your teammate to join a Pumble workspace. Check out this article to learn more about registration at Pumble.

Manage Pumble workspace #

Only workspace admins and owners can see and edit workspace settings.To learn more about Workspace permissions (who can do what), check out this article.

Switch between workspaces #

If you’re a part of more than one workspace (either as admin or a regular member), you can switch between them anytime you want. To do it:

  1. Make sure you are logged in that other workspace as well
  2. Click on the arrow next to your active workspace name
  3. Click on Switch to [Workspace_name] to complete the action

Transfer workspace ownership #

If you’re leaving the company or for any other reason want to transfer the owner’s role to someone else, you can do this at any time. Follow the steps from this article to appoint someone workspace owner.

Leave workspace #

If you’re ready to leave a workspace for good, you can easily have your account deactivated at any time. Check out this article to learn more about account deactivation.

Archive workspace #

Although it’s not possible to archive a workspace, you can limit access to it without losing the data.

To do it, deactivate all users (except for yourself) on the workspace, and then, users won’t be able to log in to the workspace anymore, and you’ll still be able to access all the data any time you need.

Delete workspace #

If there is a workspace you don’t want to use anymore, or there is no longer the need to use it, you can delete it. Check out this article to learn how to delete a workspace on Pumble.

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